Mobilité professionnelle en Irlande


En Janvier dernier, les terminales logistique sont partis en Irlande lors d’un projet professionnel et culturel.

We flew to Nice with Ryanair. We took off at 9.30 on a sunday. The flight was direct and lasted 2H40 and we arrived at 23.10. return tickets ranged from 24€ to 120€.


On Monday afternoon the 14th, we went to the pub to interview the manager. We asked what the most popular drink was. The most popular drink is Guinness, the irish beer and soft drink is Coca Cola. He usually orders one hundred barrels a week and for St Patrick’s day he orders the double. The manager was very friendly.




On Wednesday the 16th, we visited Mr.Middleton’s warehouse. We were greeted by Thomas, the brand manager. He told us that he had been working since he was 16, and now he’s 56. The company was created in 1977. Mr. Middleton is ranked 3rd worldwide in its sector and 1st national level.The most popular product is an onion seed packet.


On Thursday the 17th, we had a meeting at Easy Dublin. We were welcomed by Nicoleta, she talked about her job and described what EasyDublin does. EasyDublin was created in 2004. This company helps people who come from another country to find work, internships, accomodation and other things to make people like their stay in Ireland. The most popular accomodation is with Irish Families.


On Friday, I went to the logistics port in Dublin. Charly presented pictures of the port and explained the organization of the port. Then we went around the port in a bus with a guide.  OCEANE