Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick was born on the 17 march 386 in Roman Britain. He was from an aristocrat family. When he was a child he wasn’t interested in the christianity but at the age of 16 he was kidnapted by Irishes for being a slave in the Emerald Isle*. During the six years he spent as slave, he took refuge in the religion. He listened to the voice of God who told him to run away from Ireland. He walked nearly 200 miles to Roman Britain but after he got back to his native coutry, he dreamt of an angel who told him to return to Ireland to help Irishes. In this country, he spent 40 years to convert the Emerald isle to  christianity. Since this story, Saint Patrick is a symbol of Ireland.

A legend says that he had chased the snakes of the country but that is wrong because it was too cold for this animal which never lived in Ireland.

Over 17 march, people go to streets and pubs to celebrate this man while drinking  Irish beers and dancing everywhere in the world. Parades are organised with 200 000 participants and 3 millions of spectators.

*Emerald isle = Ireland