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COP26 – Urgent climate talks

COP26. This one, very short and simple word is important. In fact, it so very important that our lives depend on it. As you all probably already know the acronym COP stands for Conference Of the Parties. The COP is an international treaty, which recognises global warming as a consequence of human activities.

The first COP took place in Berlin in 1995. This year, COP26 is taking place in Glasgow, Scotland. Six years ago, COP21 took place in Paris, but nothing has changed. Anyway, coming back to COP26, it started on the 31st of October, and 30,000 people attended. COP26 has as its goal to try to slow down global warming before it gets out of hand (which is the case anyway), and also to prevent temperatures from rising by 1.5°c. The deal is that all countries participating have to reduce their CO2 emissions by 7% per year, in order to limit temperatures from rising too drastically. It’s the only way to acquire carbon neutrality by 2050.



Global warming is causing irreversible consequences on the environment. The rise of the sea level is inevitable, because icebergs are melting everywhere. There’s no stopping it. So what can we do instead? Well, we can (but we won’t): stop using fossil fuels, stop deforestation, replant trees where we can as much as we can. The solution is simple (well not really): COAL, CARS, CASH, AND TREES.

If we don’t change anything about the way we live today, then there will be a chain reaction of natural disasters, each more horrible than the last.

We can already see the consequences of our misdeeds taking place everywhere in the world. The floods killing a hundred people in Germany in July 2021, the raging fires in Greece and Turkey later that same summer…

We have to make a change now. Everything depends on how we act to fight global warming in this decade. If we don’t do anything, it will be too late.


To be fair, a lot of responsible decisions and resolutions were made by a whole group of countries during COP26.

First of all, 130 nations agreed to stop exploiting and creating new coal power plants. Of course, this was too good to be true since China, Japan, the U.S.A., and India amongst others, refused to join the deal. Around 100 countries decided to stop destroying nature by stopping deforestation, but yes you guessed it: China, Russia, and India didn’t play to the rules.

It is important to point out that China is the biggest mass polluter on the planet (it produces 28% of the world’s pollution each year). It doesn’t seem to care about an approaching apocalypse caused by climate change. No, no, no! It just continues to build its nice little coal-fired power plants. We scapegoat China, but numerous other countries are also doing the same thing.

On Thursday 4th of November, COP26 created a new amendment which states that by 2022, all financing of projects concerning fossil fuels without techniques to filter the CO2 they release, will be stopped. Another astonishing thing that happened is that India promised to attain carbon neutrality by 2070, which is a courageous thing to do for a country as big as India! Bravo India!


The goals of COP26 are achievable, but we ALL need to act NOW!

 Louise for l’Aiglon


Header: COP26 logo; author: UK Government on Gov.uk

Image 1.Coalfired power station; author: stevepb on Pixabay

Image 2. »Protection environnementale »; author: ejaugsburg on Pixabay

Image 3. C02; author: geralt on Pixabay