filet: Micro-men-ia


“Only men can work here.”

This is what a teenager of 15 years old named miriam had heard when she was about to propose her service to work in this company when the boss told her that he accepts only men, as she came back home shooked by their words. Micromania is a big company of videogames they have 444 stores in FRANCE. The company knows an evolution constant of the customers passing of 8-15 years to 8- 40 years. Most of the time they sold their videogames to boys.The law N 2017-86 Equality and citizenship of January 27th 2017 plans that in any company employing at least 300 employees and on any company specialized in the recruitment, the recruiters receive a training(formation) in the nondiscrimination in the hiring at least once every five years (article L. 1131-2 of the Labor code). After asking our class’s advices we saw that the most of people affected were the girls, even at school in sport the boys considered themselves stronger than the girls. More generaly the discrimination is all around the world and the domains. Like in the labor, some jobs are seen more masculine than other. Like most of people will see men as a firemen than a woman. Most of people will put their trust in the hands of a male as a doctor, in schools the food is served by lunchladys and not lunchmen. 

Sarah Mael et Gresa