Improve your french

Are you a foreign student having some difficulties with studying in a french school ? Do you wish to improve your learning or find tools to help you in everyday life ?

Good news ! We have exactly what you need :



With courses, exercises, vocabulary banks and audio resources… for all levels.

The best dictionnaries  and translators you can find online :



  • Learn French With Alexa & French Truly TV – the two best channels to start with : fun teachers, videos in both French and English, and lots of tips and tricks to improve quickly
  • Easy French – perfect to improve your listening skills (with subtitles in both french and english)
  • Piece of french – a great channel when you already have a solid level (english subtitles available)



Instagram accounts to enrich your vocabulary everyday, learn idioms or work on your grammar :

  • @frenchacking
  • @ellaparlefrancais
  • @french_9118
  • @ohlalafrenchcourse
  • @francaisavecpierre
  • @ecoledefrance



  • Duolingo – 100% free, interactive and super easy to use.
  • Français premiers pas – the official app for beginners, playful and accessible.
  • Quizlet – for flashcards, with tons of ressources available.
  • J’APPrends – conceived as a video game, to learn even if you don’t know anything in french.


This list is not complete, please feel free to contact us with any suggestions 😉